BLACK FRIDAY SALES – Thanksgiving day low price – Premium HDMI 1.4 Cable – with Ethernet – 35 Ft

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Product Description

Thanksgiving day low price

Metal Premium HDMI 1.4 2160p Cable with Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D, 4K x 2D and Content Type Sections50778-0

Product Features:

  1. HDMI (V.1.4 with HDMI Ethernet Channel)
  2. This cable type offers the same baseline performance as the High Speed HDMI Cable shown above (1080p video resolution and beyond), plus an additional, dedicated data channel, known as the HDMI Ethernet Channel, for device networking. HDMI Ethernet Channel functionality is only available if both linked devices are HDMI Ethernet Channel-enabled.

3-1. HDMI (V.1.4 with Audio Return Channel)

3-2. Allows an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data “upstream” to a surround audio system, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable.

3-3. Resolution Support (4096p)

3-4. l-stream 1080p 3D over HDMI Support

3-5. Defines input/output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for true 3D gaming and 3D home theater applications

3-6. Expanded Support for Color Spaces

3-7. Adds support for additional color models used in digital photography and computer graphics.

3-8. 28 ~ 24 AWG oxygen-free copper  RF-BLOCK  Patented Head shell Superior Shielding from EMI / RFI Brand new ingot pressure clamp head shell assembly  Built-in strain-relief CL3 rating for in-wall use Compatible with all previous HDMI versions (1.3, 1.2 etc)

3-9. Transfer Digital Audio and Video signals at warp speed of 14.9 Gigabytes per second

  1. HDMI 1.4 Support to :

4-1. Blu-ray Players

4-2.Playstation 3 (PS3) & Xbox 360 Elite

4-3.HDMI Supported Laptops & PCs

4-4.Satellite HD Receivers

4-5. HDTVs, Projectors & Displays

4-6. AV Receivers/Amplifiers

4-7. HDMI Switchers & Splitters


5-1. HDMI 1.4 increases the maximum resolution to 4K  2K (3840 to 2160p at 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz and 4096.  2160p at 24Hz, which is a resolution used with digital theaters).

5-2. a HDMI Ethernet Channel, which allows for a 100 MB/s Ethernet connection between the two HDMI connected devices; and introduces an Audio Return Channel, 3D Over HDMI (HDMI 1.3 devices will only support this for 1080P a new Micro HDMI Connector, expanded support for color spaces, and an Automotive Connection System.

5-3. HDMI 1.4 supports several Stereo Scopic 3D formats including field alternative (interlaced), frame packing (a full resolution top-bottom format), line alternative full, side-by-side half, side-by-side full, 2D + Depth, and 2D + depth + graphics + graphics depth




Additional Information

Weight 3.4 lbs


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